Consultancy means more than giving simple advice

Business success, nowadays, means being flexible and having a well defined plan.

consultanta manageriala

Management Consulting

Management consulting is an independent and objective vision over the problems of a company which offers solutions for solving them.

Interpersonal Communication

It represents the necessity of communication between people and organizations, aiming to develop and build social relationships.

dezvoltare personala

Personal Development

Personal development is the path to rediscovering yourself, and in which you analize your own personality with all the sincerity.

Management Communication

Efficient management communication represents a competivity factor, a strategic advantage of your organization.


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About me

I am a person that likes to rediscover itself all the time, in every aspect of life. I love interacting with people, the best way we can learn from each others life experiences.

I think there can be enhancement to every level of a business than can be in the benefit of everyone. Professional relationships can influence not onlye the success of a business, but the personal experience of everyone involved, whether we talk about managers or employees.

I like to keep contact with the people around me, for knowing each other better and m for mutual help, having the understanding that everything in life comes at the right moment.



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